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      Our Store contains Many apps such as:
Apps ++
  • Snapchat++ : Save Snaps, Send Snaps from camera roll, Hide discovery, Fake Location, Add Filters and many more…
  • WhatsApp++ : Hide the Read check, Hide message delivery check, Freeze Last Seen, Lock WhatsApp with passcode and touch id, Send unlimited media and more…
  • Facebook ++ : Download videos, save videos to camera roll , in-app messenger and more…
  • Instagram++ : Save pictures and videos to camera roll directly, Share pictures and videos, Fake followers number, Lock Instagram with passcode and touch id, zoom in and out, disable seen on DM and more…
  • YouTube++ : Save Videos directly to cameraroll , save videos as audio in the app, hide comments, play sound in background and more…
  • Twitter++ : Save videos , hide promoted accounts , save gifs, see tweets of people who blocked you and more…
  • Spotify++ : Unlimited Skips, No ads, Seeking Enabled, No Forced Shuffle, Extreme Quality stream enabled, Import songs from Music app
  • Pandora ++ : Unlimited Skips, No ads, Extreme Quality stream enabled and more…
  • Cinemabox: Watch latest Movies for free
  • FreeVideo: Download any video on the internet even youtube videos
  • Protube: Best app for youtube
  • Weblock: Block apps and safari ads on wifi network
  • Emulators
  • GBA4iOS
  • HappyChick
  • iNDS
  • Hacked games
  • Subway Surfer
  • Temple run 2
  • Candy Crush
  • Hill Climb
  • Tiny troopers 2
  • Angrybirds Star Wars II

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  2. fill the form and wait from 24-48 hours for activation.

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